About the Roberta's Garden

Tucked away in Bushwick, behind Roberta’s concrete exterior is a surprisingly green initiative. Roberta’s garden is an urban retreat and outdoor venue to host a variety of events such as weddings, the infamous Tiki Disco and school field trips. Our garden takes the farm-to-table concept to a more intimate level by providing the opportunity for our guests and staff to directly interact with, and learn about, the food they enjoy in our restaurant.

Roberta’s garden has been an ongoing project to assist with the restaurant’s high vegetable demands. The garden, both beautiful and functional, has steadily grown to consist of two hoop houses perched atop a shipping container, two green houses, and 40 mobile planters, repurposed from old brewery hop bins, filled with a wide variety of edible plants. Optimized growing allows us to get the most out of every square inch and the close relationship between our gardener and cooks allows us to grow specifically for the needs of our kitchen and their ever-changing seasonal menus.

Through conscious and resourceful practices like growing bio dynamically, using organic fertilizers, and composting, we not only nourish future seedlings but also improve the integrity and taste of our harvests. Each season, we strive to expand the vegetation, beauty, and educational opportunity in the garden just a little more for the shared enjoyment of our guests, community, and staff.